Adele Seronde, Painter

Adele Seronde



Born 1925: Manchester, Massachusetts Married 1945, five children, eleven grandchildren


1953 Phillips Museum; Washington, DC Studied with Karl Knaths.
1951-50 Studied with Hans Hoffman, New York City, NY
1946 Museum School, Museum of Fine Arts; Boston, MA Studied with Karl Zerbe.
1945-43 Bennington College; Bennington, VT Studied with Karl Knaths.
1943-40 Madeira School; Fairfax County, VA

Professional Experience:
Exhibitions: Solo and Joint
2004 Madeira School; McLean, VA “Lives and Legacies” Exhibit
2003 Wingspread Gallery; Northeast Harbor, ME (Solo)
2003 Javadog Gallery; Cottonwood, AZ. (Solo)
2002-’00 Imagine Art; Sedona, AZ. (Solo)
1999 College of the Atlantic; Bar Harbor, ME (3-person show)
1997, ’93 Wingspread Gallery; Northeast Harbor, ME (Solo) 1993, ’89 Sedona Art Center; Sedona, AZ. (2&5-person exhibits)
1992 Gallery ’68; Belfast, ME (Gtoup Show)
1990 Southwest Symphony Gallery; Sedona AZ.. (2-personexhibit)
1990, ’87 Wingspread Gallery; Northeast Harbor, ME (Solo)
1987 Northern Arizona University; Aagstaff, Az.. (3-person exhibit)
1986 Valley National Bank; Phoenix, AZ. (5-person eXhibit) 1984 First Interstate Bank; Sedona, AZ. (Solo)
1981 Van Buren, Cutting, Brazelton Gallery; Cambridge, MA (4-person) 1979,72 Weedon Gallery; Boston, MA(Solo)
1976 Herbert Benevy Gallery; Florence, Italy (Solo)
1975, ’69 Weedon Gallery; Boston, MA (2-person)
1968,65 Vigna Nuova Gallery; Florence, Italy (Solo)
1960 Nova Gallery; Boston, MA (Solo)
1958 DeCordova Museum; Lincoln, MA (Solo)

Additional Professional Activities
Galleries (current):
Wingspread Gallery; Northeast Harbor, ME Me-Misia ~allery; Sedona, AZ.
Public collections:
Phillips Gallery and Museum; Washington, DC
Boston Gas. Company;Boston,MA
Lebanon National Bank; Lebanon, NH
State House; Augusta, ME Private collections, including:
Mr. Thomas Gates, Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nitze, Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. Christian A Herter, Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. E. Miles Herter, Manchester, MA
Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Goldberg, W. Barnstable, MA
Mr. Daniel Finn, Boston, MA
Mr. Amajit Chopra, Cambridge, MA.
Dr. and Mrs, Frederic P. Herter, New York City, NY
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ford, Grosse Point, MI
Mrs. lee Gillespie, Cambridge, MA
Mr. John Sears, Boston, MA
Mr. John Archbold, Upperville, VA
Mr. Phillip Weld, Gloucester, MA
Mr. and Mrs. John lawrence, Hamilton, MA
Mr. and Mrs. Najeeb Halaby, Washington, DC
Mr. and Mrs. William Graham, Sedona, AZ.
Mr. Robert Kittredge, Sedons, AZ..
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Vanier, Phoenix, AZ Mt.
Mrs. Erville Hughes, Phoenix, AZ
Mrs. Elizabeth Eisler, Cambridge, MA
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Ecker, Hamilton, MA
Mr. and Mrs. linzee Coolidge, Gloucester, MA


1964 Painting Instructor, Advent Schoo’, Advent Church; Boston, MA
1958, ’57 Painting Instructor, Unitarian Church; Stow, MA


1995-’05 President, Gardens for Humanity (National) In process of creating 25 gardens with art.
1988-’94 Board: International Friends of Transformative Art (Phoenix, AZ) 1973-’79 President: Christian A Herter Center for Environmental Art (Boston, MA) .
1968-’72 Co-Coordinator of Art for “Summerthing”, City of Boston’s Neighborhood Art Festival

1999 “Facets” by Poets of Sedona, Word Watchers, Sedona, AZ.
1990 “Between SilenceS” by Poets of Sedana, Word Watchers,
1982 “Deliver into Green”, Wampeter Press, Green Harbor, MA Adele Seronde, Boston, MA
1976 The Reading Series., linguistic Primers, Adele Seronde and Helen Grush, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
1973 “Ask a Cactus Rose”, Adele Seronde, Wenkart Publishing Co. Cambridge, MA
1971 “Ask a Daffodil” ,Adele Seronde,Wenkart Publishing Co. Cambridge, MA
1960 Poems pubtished in Lippincott PUblishing Co. Basic Reading Series, Charfes Walcqtt

I believe all great art is transformative In that it inspires the beholder and enriches the society in which it is created. Undoubtedly, great artists are themselves charged and quickened in the process of working. Dylan ThoMas wrote: “I write for the love of man and in praise of God and I’d be a damn fool if I didn’t

Unfortunately, much art today reflects too often the commerCial, cynical, or sadistic qualities in contemporary society, making waves of visual or audio static. Therefore, we are challenged to find in new art the nucleus of spiritual awakening which can fire, astonish and transform us with wonder and the need to create.

Adele Seronde
345 Longwood Dr.
Sedona AZ 86351


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