Barbara Ragalyi, Painter

Barbara Ragalyi


My paintings are visual music, which is energy, the essence of life. Most include a circle, the stillpoint.
This is expressed through three bodies of work: stones, figures and abstracts which all flow from a similar starting point. The fun is that I don’t know which will come forth when I start a new work. It is always interesting to see what will be suggested in the underpainting.
I feel paintings but do not see them. I cannot describe how I know when a painting is ready to emerge. Just seeing a blank canvas can trigger an urge to use a certain color and technique to begin. It is interesting in that this canvas could have been sitting in my studio for days and suggested nothing, then suddenly it is time.
I have always understood composition and color is most important to me.
Various size acrylic paintings on canvas are my major focus but I also create water media paintings on paper, serigraphs (hand pulled prints), oil pastels, Polaroid emulsion transfers, and digital prints.
Barbara Ragalyi

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