Bonnie Hartenstein, Painter


Bonnie Hartenstein, originally from Chicago, is an award-winning professional artist (NEA & Illinois Arts Council Grants; Ryerson Traveling Fellowship). She has been exhibiting her paintings and mixed media work nationally for almost 30 years. Bonnie holds an MFA in Mixed Media Arts & an MA in 20th Century Art History, Theory & Criticism from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she has taught for 22 years. In Sedona, she also teaches art privately and is a tai chi/qi gong instructor at Enchantment Resort’s Mii Amo Spa and at the Hilton’s Ridge Spa.


Bonnie’s current small Italian landscapes are lush and evocative experiences that supercede traditional on-site painting. They originate from a sensual and imaginative response to life and not a photographic rendering. She longs for the “eternal landscape” that Tuscany represents to her. The sensuous hills, distant views, the lone Italian cypress trees, or a stand of them as sentinels and guardians of the earth, fill her heart with wonder at the timelessness of how nature interacts with humanity. She uses color richly and with playful surprises. Her work is filled with movement and textural variation.


Bonnie Hartenstein
30 Pine Court
Sedona, AZ, 86351
PHONE: 928-284-0430

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