Catherine Depasquale, Metal Jewelry

As an artist, I am fascinated with unusual materials and the design opportunities they each present. Learning how to incorporate different materials into my original designs pushes my skills levels and feeds my creative side.

I began designing crystal jewelry ten years ago. I was drawn at that time, and find I am still seduced by one of the original goals of jewelry designers.  At the turn of the century through the 40’s, jewelry was created specifically to capture and reflect ambient light from candles. The reflected light, created a glow on a women’s face, diminishing any signs of age.

In the last three years, I have gravitated to copper work. Copper has a beautiful glow, that gives color to our faces and healing energy to our bodies.  I am thrilled by the interplay between copper, hammer and torch.  By creating textured surfaces on copper, I can move light around each piece. The finishing touches include crystals and semi-precious stones wired across the surface, or along the edges, moving light, creating a soft glow to the wearers face.

My inspiration for my designs, comes from the images I carry around in my head. I am continually in awe of nature’s beauty,  and the experience of being human.

I share my life between beautiful upstate New York, land of many lakes and rivers, craggy shores and lush greenery, and the vast red, brown and green landscapes of Arizona.

My jewelry is displayed seasonally at Bay House Artisans in Alexandria Bay, New York and The Local Artists Gallery in Sedona, Arizona.

I would be happy to create something similar to my featured pieces, with personal touches added, for an interested customer.

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