Clark Sheppard, Painter

Clark “Shep” Sheppard

Landscape Painter

I am a painter.  I’m always exploring my own mind and in turn my art and its direction.  My art always takes a strong attitude.  When I start out painting I have no idea where it is going.  I’m along just for the ride, letting the painting take me away.

President George W. Bush is the proud owner of McShep’s “Patriotic Longhorns” which the artist painted after the tragedy of 9-11.

McShep’s work has been seen in SouthwestArt Magazine, Cowboys and Indians, and American Cowboy, to name a few.  McShep has licensed his artwork to the KRT Mint for limited edition porcelain collector’s plates, and MJ International Corp. offering the world’s largest selection of Kitchen Decor products.

phone: 928.301.9268

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