Cynthia Tierra, Ceramicist

Cynthia Tierra was born in Berkeley, California in 1954. Her family were original settlers of the San Francisco Bay area, but she left her roots and traveled to many different places. Art and healing are her passions. Throughout her life from childhood onward, Cynthia created art. After graduating from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, with a degree in Fine Arts, in 1975, she married and traveled around the world, studying the art of different cultures. Her travels took her many interesting places, from sailing on a junk boat in Singapore, to the edge of an erupting volcano on an isolated island in The South Pacific, to exploring the pyramids of Egypt, to Russia under Communism. In 1978, she embarked upon a career as an art teacher and parent of three children. After many years of teaching, Cynthia quit to pursue healing and create art full time. She became a Reiki Master Teacher and started her own business. Surrounded by a lifetime of artwork, Cynthia maintains an artist’s studio for her creative endeavors, including painting, pottery and fabric art.
She is currently working on a history of civilization from Cro-Magnon and Neanderthals to the present day, miniature scenes created with clay, fabric and paint.

Cynthia Tierra
Sedona, AZ
928-284-0092  cell 928-821-0989

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