Ellen Perantoni, Painter

Ellen Perantoni


I enjoy painting the landscape in all its vigorous beauty and exquisite details and nuances.  Until recently I lived and painted in the Hudson Valley of New York State, inspired by the tradition of the Hudson River School, the first uniquely American school of art.

Now I live and paint in Sedona, Arizona,  amid what I consider one of the world’s natural wonders and the most beautiful spot in the American southwest outside a national park.  As a painter I feel blessed to be able to live here.

It is now February 2014 and I have begun a body of work celebrating the splendor and pleasing colors of this environment.  I look forward to exploring the creative paths that whisper (or shout) enticements every time I open my door.



Past Clients:

Whistler House Museum of Art, Lionheart Gallery, Chisholm Gallery, Millbrook Gallery, Driftwood Gallery, Berkshire Art Gallery, River Gallery, Iron Tree Gallery, Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery, Isabel Livingston (Frederick E. Church descendant) collection, George E. Pataki collection.


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