Gail Woody, Sculptor & Painter

Originally from St. Louis, Gail and his wife Gloria have lived in Sedona, Arizona for over 10
years. They have three grown daughters whose childhood antics have been the inspiration for
some of Gail’s bronze pieces.

Gail’s professional art career began in mid-life after twenty five years in the corporate world.
He says that going from corporate vice president to ‘starving artist’ was one of the best things
that ever happened to him. Gail has studied with nationally know artists, Lincoln Fox, Dr.
Wilfred Stedman, Tuck Langland, John Soderberg and others at the Scottsdale Artist’s School and Sedona Arts Center.

“Totally immersing yourself into the creative process is therapeutic to say the least. Whether
my energy is being spent through a paint brush or bringing life to a block of clay, there is nothing
like getting into that zone where time doesn’t exist.”

The subject matter for Gail’s sculpture covers a full spectrum of realistic figurative work,
including children being children, women, western themes and even angels. “I like to vary my
subject frequently to keep the work fresh and interesting for collectors, as well as for myself.”

After sculpting his pieces in clay, Gail then casts them in bronze using the centuries old lost wax
method. “Bronze has such permanence in a world where so much of what we purchase is
disposable and enjoys only brief popularity.” Because of it’s durability, bronze is a touchable art.
We can feel with our hands as well as our eyes the texture and form of the metal brought to
life by the artist.

Gail’s oil paintings express his love of nature’s landscape as well as the human form. “Painting
gives me the opportunity to create with limitless color as opposed to the small palate available
in the bronze patina and the challenge of representing our three dimensional world on a two
dimensional canvas.”

Gail’s work appears in private collections throughout the United States.

Sedona, Arizona Studio at (928) 284-5880

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