Jack Durrwachter, Painter


A native of Detroit, Michigan, Jack worked in the automotive design field for 17 years. In 1971 he began his fine art painting career. Shortly after, participated in art shows and art galleries.

Jack’s paintings reflect the inner structure and draftsmanship necessary in creating sound art. A master-colorist with versatility in subject matter presenting representational as well as non-representational (abstract) art.

The artist’s education is interwoven between automotive design and engineering, commercial art, industrial design and fine art painting. He studied under designer George Legge, and Master artist, designer and sculptor Frederico Pizzurro.

Jack and his wife Fran have lived in the Sedona area since 1984.


Do you see what I see: Utilizing my extensive mechanical background to explore the possibilities and flexbilities of a universal form, the ellipse, I progress from one painting to the next, developing a communication, a language. Using the ellipse to express movement, flow, pressure and colour, I traverse though the painting with emotional freedom.

I have discovered the use of many degree ellipses provide the illusion of rolling surf or descending into another space on the canvas. While attracting the ellipses and rays of light from the universe they penetrate the periphery of the painting and slowly concentrate the colours. The smaller ellipses congregate to the primary area of the painting then begin to release themselves in a vignette fashion only to return to the universe. Meanwhile the larger ellipses embrace the smaller ones. To balance the composition I use areas of color as weight.

May this emotional experience transcend to you.


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