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Jenna Ekwall

Glass Mosaic Designs


Hello, I’m Jenna Ekwall, born and raised in Arizona. Grew up in the surrounding area of Sedona, love the outdoors anything from hiking, biking, and camping. I have always been connected to Nature and the appreciation for its beauty. Since a young girl, my mom was surprised by my paintings, shortly after seeing I have a creative side. I then moved into sewing, crafting jewelry, and anything that came from my heart through my mind. I have 2 beautiful boys and through the art we create together, its teaching them to use our hands in conjunction with our minds, that there are a whirlwind of creations. I do what I can and where I can to bring the creative ideas to fruition using repurposed/up cycled materials when available.

My art started with the love for glass, its hardness, resilience, transportation, and refraction. Glass brings so much life to an expression of vision of the artist. With the different media used, creating texture, depth, feeling, and such visual content. I love when my art is viewed during the day and night, its transitional with the color, light and reflection within a 24 hour period; it literally comes ‘alive’.

I receive most of my inspiration from landscape scenes, anywhere from waterfalls, trees, oceans, forests, etc, the list is endless. Most of my inspiration is when I can hone in and capture the life of the viewer, to bring them to the time and space reality in which fulfills them the most. With the depth, texture, color, and outward light exchange on the glass, is an enlightening experience for many.

I have found through my art expression, I’m more in the surrealism category, a bit on the imaginatory side of our dream like mind set. Some of my inspirations have come from the cosmos or planetary viewpoint, the site that we don’t see, but only imagine and feel. Other pieces come from the place of nature’s beauty when we are out on a hike or vacation.

My strengths are taking any number of glass elements and pulling them together to create organic, repurposed materials into new life ‘living’ creations. I want to introduce new ways of using existing media, and mother’s nature’s canvas, and fulfill our new ways of living.

I am honored to share what I create with the whole and at the end of the day; I hope you will take a little bit of my life home with you. I have fun in the creation process, so I hope you will enjoy the outcome and open the door for personal growth, change, and inward healing.

Cottonwood, AZ 928-593-9572

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