Jessica Sierra, Sculptor


“Jessica learned to sculpt at her mothers side and she has continued the family art tradition throughout her life.  From her mothers art studio, she went on to Syracuse School of Fine Art and graduated as an Art History major from New York University. She also holds two Masters degrees in education from Cal State Northridge, has taught art in parks and schools, and has been the art coordinator in public and private schools in Southern California.
She has taught classes at the Adult Community Center, and currently is a part of the City’s Artist in the Classroom program for the Sedona public schools. She also shares her talents privately with students of all ages in her home studio.
She works with a diverse variety of media, including wood, cement, clay, bronze, stained glass and papier mache.  Her aim is to sculpt feelings and expressions of an inner nature through using human and animal forms.  She has been awarded public art commissions and won competitions.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries and she has been awarded ribbons for her submissions.
A resident of Sedona for twenty two years, Jessica has public art exhibited in Sedona as well as work that is being enjoyed in private collections.”



“The inspiration and process of creating a piece of art fills my life with beauty, meaning and purpose. I am proud to have been a part of the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition since the organization’s inception many years ago. I love being an artist and I feel blessed to belong to a community of diverse yet like-minded people who enjoy speaking their truth through art!

Box 4144 Sedona 86340

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