Julie Ronning Talbot, Painter

Julie Ronning Talbot


Artist’s Statement:

My transparent watercolors focus on the romantic realism of the beauty around us, finding as much pleasure in a rusty truck as in an unfolding rose.

A large part of the pleasure in my exacting work comes from studying the structure of the subject and deciding how to express its individuality.

I enjoy depicting the texture of weathered barn wood and rose petals to an equal degree. The fun is in dropping color onto a wet surface and then teasing the color along either with a brush or by tilting the paper so the color flows where I want it to be. One of the pleasures of watercolor , for me, is watching the colors change and blend on the paper, often by employing surface tension in a wet area. I like adding veils of transparent color and prefer to save the white of the paper rather than adding opaque whites.

As I work from light washes to darkest accent tones the subject emerges almost like a living thing, the flowers so real you expect a scent, the wood so rough you worry about splinters.

These subjects evoke memories in all of us and I enjoy hearing the reactions of the viewers.

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Email: juliertalbot@msn.com

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