Liz Learmont, Life Masking Sculptress

Liz Learmont

Liz Learmont has pioneered the fine art of LifeMasked Sculpture for over thirty years. A LifeMasked Sculpture begins by creating a foundation using plaster gauze on a living being.  Once this sets the plaster form is lifted off, becoming the basis for the sculpture. This foundation is then strengthened with several components such as bonders and cement. Next, it evolves, expressing the vibrant spirit of the subject through a melding of materials. Liz’s love for exploring new mediums and methods has led her to glassblowing, alabaster carving, and receiving a Master of Mosaic from the Orsoni Mosaic Institute in Venice, Italy. Her specialized techniques and artistic wizardry guide this dynamic process, giving form and substance to the unlimited depths of the living spirit.
Choosing Sedona, Arizona as home base, Liz has explored LifeMasked Sculpture both spiritually and creatively for many years. She originates from Wisconsin and holds degrees in Computer Science, Math, and Physics with a 20-year corporate career in software engineering and management. Combining a lifelong passion for science and the arts, Liz has integrated this dichotomy as a Master LifeMasking Sculptress. She has devoted herself to affecting people’s lives through creative endeavors. Her work is featured in private and public collections worldwide. Traveling the planet for treasures and inspiration, her work mesmerizes and delights to unmask our true essence, affecting the greater dimensions of our lives.

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