Maleita Wise, Sculptor & Painter

Maleita Wise

Sculptor & Painter


Maleita has spent most of her life in the arts. Excellent teachers fueled her exposure to a variety of images. Much travel around the world early in her life also added to many of her ideas.
She began the Art Enrichment Program in Louisville, Kentucky in the early 1980’s and continued that work in Arizona in the late 1990’s. This program for children to attend after school included some city wide programs sponsored by the YMCA, Louisville Visual Arts Association ,and the Girl Scouts of America. Several therapists used her ideas in their workshops that revolved around addictions and wellness. Her work in Arizona has taken her to Sedona’s Desert Canyon Treatment Center, where she teaches art as a tool for wellness and self-expression. Her background includes a BA degree in fine arts as well as a variety of studies in Psychology, Theology, and the Expressive Arts. Her visual concentration in college was in the area of Printmaking, and the influence of this can be seen in many of her works.

After living in Sedona for awhile she took up study with Eugenia Everett and has been in several sculpture shows at the Sedona Art Center as well as the 2002 Sedona Sculpture Walk. Her interest in painting has been mentored by a master teacher in Phoenix—Dick Phillips, who she paints with in a class once a week.

The Sedona Artists Coalition has been an important part of her art development in pushing the boundaries of her own work. She has taken part in all of their shows and finds this group a rich source of inspiration and learning because of the rich variety of artists who make up this gathering. Her paintings have won awards in Kentucky as well as Arizona where she frequently has her work on display in restaurants, doctor offices, and a variety of exhibitions throughout the city and in Flagstaff.

She has designed a set of stain glass windows for a church in Pittsburgh, and does a yearly Artist in Residency program in this area each year to promote the ideas of journaling and art combined to encourage health and clarity. She has served as an art resource person for grade school children in several states and frequently offers summer workshops for this age group as well as some work with teens and seniors in beginning journals. She presently lives near Sedona, AZ where she lives with her husband –a writer, artist, and friend for over 39 years.

My art-life is a mirror to me of all the rest of my life. I see this as dialogue and participation, with the goal of always being open to surprise and new ways to approach my own life-canvas. The gifts of color, shape, and composition that flow from the inside to inform us about ourselves have the power to transform and inspire if we are willing to risk what they may reveal. Living in this mystery of knowing and not knowing is, I believe, the greatest challenge as well as the deepest reward.

I accept the invitation to be part of this dance.

5500 E. Calle Diamante
Cornville, AZ 86325

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