Mariann Leahy, Ceramicist

Mariann Leahy


Mariann Leahy, Art in Clay

Ancient myths and symbols are Mariann’s inspiration. As a clay artist, Mariann celebrates symbols combining human and animal motifs. These symbols show the emergence and mystery of life’s energy. Her works combine artistic experience with profound respect for nature and images from the past.

Clay, coming from the earth, provides Mariann with a natural tactile connection with our world. Using clay that contains mica-rich surface, Mariann carefully draws in glaze, detailed stories on fired clay. These stories have been researched and influenced from the rich cultural traditions and ruins of the Southwest. Each unique piece is painted with many coats of glazes which come alive in “brilliant colors” during the second firing process. Her hand built pieces echo ancient motifs in a contemporary style.

Mariann taught art on the high school level for over fifteen years in the multicultural Chicago area where she did her graduate work in Ceramics at the School of the Art Institute.

Mariann has lived in Sedona for over 14 years and has taught workshops at the Sedona Art Center.

Mariann’s work can be seen at Turquoise Tortoise Gallery at Hohzo and at the Sedona Arts Center.

Mariann’s Website

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