Mary Dove, Painter

Mary Dove


Artist Statement:

Mary Dove, “Creates images to stop moments from flying away by freezing memories and experiences to be shared” which provides a remembered visual encounter. She tells stories in pictures by striking an emotional chord with art enthusiasts. As the artist talks about a painting being an emotional experience, for both the artist and viewer, the act of painting requires tremendous focus of intellectual attention. Starting college in architecture, she now captures structures vanishing from our ever changing landscapes. In the animal world her keen insight and sensitivity expresses the physical characteristics and personality of our animal companions and wildlife. Subject diversification is a hallmark of her work expressed in a realistic expressionism style engaged in the study of light and values to depict the mood of the subject.


Growing up in Houston, Texas, Mary Dove’s father made certain she was exposed early and often to a wide variety of life experiences. These included all manner of wild life, birds, nature, sports and even food. Such invaluable encounters have enabled her to breathe life and soul into almost anything she chooses to paint or draw. Diversification thus became and remains today the standard bearer for her work. Paintings range from landscapes and architectural structures to big game animals, pet portraits and still life expressions responding to an experience or a particular location, letting the subject matter emotionally find her.

A resident of Sedona, Mary Dove earned both a Bachelor and a Master of Art Education Degree from Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX. Her college education began as an architect major, moved through commercial art and technical illustration to discover her artistic voice. She graduated with a major in art education and fine art. Her life journey spent time as a high school classroom art teacher and a media consultant. Her fine art, as a result, depicts an understanding of architectural structures, a keen eye for detail, and a comprehensive skill of execution. These include virtual every media, from pencil and charcoal, to watercolors, oil pastels, acrylic and oil paintings. Each is used to invoke a quality of super realism with a sprinkle of expressionism. Numerous juried shows, awards and honors have been granted to Mary Dove.  Her art is included in public and private collections both national and international.  Thank you for pausing to experience the Art of Mary Dove. Enjoy the moment.


AWA, Arizona Watercolor Association, Juried Member, Phoenix Arizona
AAG, Arizona Artists Guild, Juried Member, Phoenix Arizona
AAA, Arizona Artists Association, Juried Member, Phoenix Arizona
NAWS, Northern Arizona Watercolor Society, Juried Member, Sedona Arizona
SAC, Sedona Art Center, Sedona Arizona
SAGA, Sedona Area Guild of Artists, Sedona Arizona
SVAC, Sedona Visual Artists Coalition, Sedona Arizona
AVA, Association of Village Artists, Juried Member, Sedona Arizona



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