Nina Joy Rizzo, Fractals

New age thought vs physical reality- where do I find my beginning, how do I determine my ending? My soul inquires, “who am I where am I from?’ my complex brain retorts…?

Merging concepts of Quantum physics while flirting with colors, my art experiments with math. Dancing amidst these energetic fields, I awaken a deep seeded consciousness within me– keenly experiencing how different energies affect us.

…At first blush, in a moment of solitude, palettes of images, shapes and colors came to me, yet in a bizarre way. Once compiled, the images created a portal for me to enter. Suddenly, I heard the words, “When you put the pieces together just right, a doorway will open…to the other side.”

In search of meaning, equipped with a strong desire to capture both great chaos and great serenity simultaneously, I am drawn to find the simplicity in the complex, the beauty in the rugged.

My choice to befriend these complex numbers, those I hardly can understand, helps me to find balance in a relentless arena. Fractals, numerical expressions from the “God” force surrounding us. Peace and relaxation emitted through frequencies of colorful and meditative visuals is its essence. Tapping into the collective consciousness is possible.

I hear colors sing; Rainbows of sound awakening a cosmic intelligence within us all: Beckoning change, offering Hope. My Fractal Art represents just one of the many ways I’m reminded along my journey of the endless possibilities presented.


Nina Joy Rizzo

Sedona, Arizona


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