Robert Albrecht, Photographer & Digital Artist

Robert Albrecht

Master Photographer, Digital Artist

Sedona, AZ resident Robert Albrecht is a Fine Art photographer and Digital Artist specializing in Digital Painting. He has a passion for creating the beautiful, the creative, and the memorable. That is what an artist does-takes a vision and transforms it into an exceptional work of art. Although I have spent many years as a professional photographer and I still enjoy using that skill to capture many of my Fine Art images and reference photographs for my Contemporary Digital Paintings.

My “original” art pieces are offered on museum canvas either in a museum-wrap (stretched but without a frame) or beautifully framed with a contemporary “Float Frame”. Both are available in various sizes to compliment any room or space decor. My subject matter covers Western action, Southwest wildlife and “Junkyard Art”.

“Even though I have a conceptual idea when I begin, each painting really completes itself as we go along together…that’s what is exciting about ‘crafting each image’… the evolution”.

What do Digital Artists Do?

Digital Artists do, simply, what centuries of artists have always done by exploring and adopting a culture’s new technology toward the making of personal imagery. In doing so the culture is also reflected in the artwork as is the artist’s personal vision or voice. As our culture becomes increasingly digitized, digital artists are leading the way in exploring and defining this new culture.

As the years progressed, I have envisioned many of these concepts but only now am I gaining the technical knowledge; and believe me it is on-going, to visually apply this to my creations. In all my works my inspiration is more than just creating a scene or visually capturing something in a representational style, but rather studying the shapes, the light and dark areas along with the overall energy and design. My greatest reward is when someone “connects” with my vision. After all, that is the goal of most artists…to pass the emotion and story that inspired them to the new owner.




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