Rose Moon, Painter

Rose Moon, Painter

I graduated from college, the year of 1968 with a degree in Art, Psychology and Education from Texas A&M. It was a very exciting time in our country and the year they began to pull art education out of the schools in my state. There were no teaching jobs in my field and I quickly found out I had no idea how to make a living as a painter. So the most creative thing I could do at the time was become a hippie and be the art.

I spent years going from job to job and raising a couple of kids, hanging out with artists and musicians and alternative psychologists. I became a hypnotherapist and had a private practice while at the same time working as an assistant to a very successful artist. It wasn’t until my kids were older that I went back to college and began my career as a painter and art teacher.

Image making is the way I stay true to myself. What I chose to paint is is what I’m drawn to visually and psychologically, mostly people places and things, but I’m sometimes drawn into the illusive world of fantasy. I paint what I am moved to paint and I don’t try to keep to one particular style.

My favorite media is oil, but because of allergic reactions I’ve had to switch to acrylic. I’m a signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America which was the result of my decision to spend five years drawing before I began to paint. It made for a great foundation. I sell most of my work from my web site,

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