Therese Black, Colored Pencil

Therese Black

Colored Pencil

Multi-discipline Non-traditional Enlightenment Art

Supporting world peace.

My art is all mixed media, fine art. I started creating this art to explore and show the inner journey people experience as a part of life. We all have our own personal, inner journey regardless of religion or lack thereof. Sometimes the art is a mandala and sometimes it is not. Either way, the spirit of ‘round’ or ‘full circle’ is always there.

Colored pencil and ink are layered together on 300Lb, rough cotton water color paper to create a smooth texture with brilliant colors. My art is drawn and redrawn as many as five times before completion. The colored pencil process I use is very meditative. Sometimes, a full month is required just to do the initial drawing!

These highly stylized colored pencil and ink pieces are inspired by world peace, healing, Christianity, Buddhism, meditation, shamanism, prophecy, nature, personal ideas, and myth. Some pieces are inspired by the idea of the Hero’s Journey as described by Joseph Campbell. This journey involves adventure, revelation, victory, and a transformation in the hero or heroine. My art ties many ideas together to tell these stories and inspire recognition of one’s own healing abilities or hero’s journey.

I love using inspiration and my own experiences to create something unique. I hope my art will bring forth your own memories of beauty, joy, and happiness and all the times you have overcome and succeeded.

Limited edition, signed, numbered prints are available. Be sure to let me know if you would like a blessing written on the back for you. I do custom work.


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