Victoria Norton, Sculptor, Ceramicist & Calligrapher

Victoria Norton

Sculptor, Ceramicist, Calligrapher




I have lived in the Verde Valley for 25 years, where I work out of my studio set amongst the red rocks. I draw my inspiration from the native landscapes, people and animals to create my present and evolving works in clays.

I graduated from UCLA. When I started playing with clay, I knew this was the direction I wanted to follow forever. Porcelain is the main clay I like to use for my functional pieces, and my jewelry, always using lead free glazes. However, I also like the bright colors of the low fire glazes for my fantasy platters, boxes, and other creations. I have traveled extensively on Mexico, Europe, the Americas and Africa. I found in every country the indiginous people creating their vessels and masks to represent their spirits. I too am a mask maker, both large and small.

I look forward to a long relationship with the spirit of my clay and those who appreciate its beauty.

Artist’s Statement:

” Nature is the inspiration of my artwork. I have lived in Sedona AZ almost 20 years . I seek to make my ceramics light in both texture and form. From my travels around the world, I find there are always mask makers, and I am one of them.

My Calligraphy has evolved over twenty years of being a teacher and a professional Calligrapher. Lately, I have been playing with mixed media and collage, and see the shapes and textures as relevant as the written message.”

Sedona AZ 86336
Phone: 928-282-9742

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