March Mtg Features John Oakes

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John W OakesSVAC member John Oakes will share his techniques and inventions for encaustic painting.  He has been exploring encaustic (hot wax) painting since 2008 when he & his wife Elizabeth, an award winning poet, lived in Glastonbury, England.  He will show the tools he has made and the hot plate he uses to create the encaustic effects.  John is a SAGA Master Signature Artist, along with being a member in several Encaustic Painting groups.  John taught art for 46 years on the University level, and enjoys his retirement now in Sedona.

The public is welcome to attend the monthly member meetings located at the Church of the Red Rocks, 54 Bow String Dr., between Morgan Rd. roundabout & Hillside Shopping Center, off Hwy 179.

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