This event is an annual celebration of the arts and artists in the greater Verde Valley, which includes Cornville and Cottonwood. This non-profit, artist-run event provides thousands of visitors a unique opportunity to meet the artists and gain a first-hand view of their creative processes. The event is funded entirely by artist participation fees and community support.  The weekend event is a free, self-guided tour allowing visitors the opportunity to meet and talk with artists in their daily work spaces.  There are over 30 studios participating, working in a variety of mediums, such as: ceramics, painting, fiber, photography, jewelry, watercolors, glass and sculpture. The event is from 10 am to 5 pm daily.  For more information contact: Mike Upp at 503.789.4437 or


Download & print the Open Studios Map w/Artists’ Key

Download & print the Open Studios Flyer

These are high resolution PDFs & may take a minute or 2 to download.

Following, is a list of participating artists.  The underlined names are linked to their SVAC artist’s page (click to view).  Other artist web sites can be found on the Open Studios Flyer.

Shirley Eichten Albrecht
Robert Albrecht
Margaret Anderson
Joel Boswell
Robert Brubaker
Mary Rochelle Burnham
Patti Childers
Adryanna Ciera
Candace Copeland
Skip Fox
Alisa Gabrielle
June Hart
Beth Kingsley Hawkins
Mary Helsaple
Bruce Hudgens
Mukto Logue
Transey Lopez
Csaba Martonyi
Reena  Guzman Maturan
Jerry McGlothlin
Rose Moon
Darleene F. Nelson
Cher Norville
Christie Palmer
Ellen Perantoni
Barbara Ragalyi
Drue Ridley
Joan Roberts
Sugatha Roeder
Komala Rohde
Holly Stedman
Julie Ronning Talbot
Mike Upp
Sharon Upp
Frederico Valdez
Cheryl Waale
Grazina Wade
Charlie Wolter
Joanie Wolter