Merrill A. Roberts Jr., Photographer


Merrill Roberts, Photographer

Merrill A. Roberts Jr. was a member of the New York Working Press, and is a photographer who has captured defining images of the most importants, past and present , through the filter of his uncompromising eye.

A product of Harlem NY, Merrill is a self taught photographer who’s eye on the world has been honed by the mean streets of New York City.   A continuing hallmark of Merrill’s work is a sense of empathy that allows him to do so much more than just get the candid shots for the numerous (and prestigious) publications he freelanced.  Merrill’s photography are compositions that are equal parts biography, commentary and documentary.

Merrill’s vision has not only captured the famous at work or on-stage; his photographs have given a face to the faceless and are reminders of the simple pleasures often overlooked.  What you see before you is only a sample of Merrill’s work.  You’ve probably seen his pictures on the pages of the New York Times, The Daily News, Penthouse, Downbeat, Billboard, Ebony, Jet  and Essence magazines.  If you still own vinyl, you just might have an album cover Merrill shot.

Merrill is now cataloging his work in anticipation of publication.  He has captured some of the most turbulent times of the last half of this century.    It’s an eye- opening journey, and you’re invited to join him.


Artist’s Statement

Art and it’s creation is the ability for us to see and understand clearly the inner nature of things by intuition (insight) far beyond the sight of the average person, to see and to feel within a deep sense of purpose in line with the magnitude and wonders of God’s creations.  This is (perception), the mental grasp of objects through the senses.  The feeling of being in touch with one’s Spirituality helps us with self and the creation of what we call a Creative Art Form.

So we create art and try to help people see and understand the true meaning of life, the true meaning of love, and the true meaning of God’s gift to us.  Amen.

Merrill A. & Dibor E. Roberts –

Copyright 2007

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