Add an Announcement to the SVAC Newsletter

How to Put Announcements in the SVAC Newsletter

We are happy to put member announcements in the Newsletter about upcoming exhibitions, meetings, equipment for sale – basically anything in good taste that our members might be interested in. Here are the guidelines:
  • Two paragraphs or less pasted into the body of our contact form or attached in WORD Doc format.
  • One photo if desired in JPG format. We don’t always have room for photos.
  • Please allow your uploaded files to fully upload and attach before hitting the SUBMIT button.
  • Deadline for monthly announcements is the 25th of the month prior to the month you want it to appear.
  • We try to get the newsletter out by the 1st week of every month.

If you have art related announcements, opportunities for the Newsletter, ideas for meeting programs, or field trips, contact Mike Upp through our CONTACT page.

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