Individual Membership Artist Listing Submission

Artist Details
MUST use the same email address used when making your membership payment

Studio Information
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
State or Region
Website & Social Media
Enter full URL in all lower case
Use all lowercase letters
Use all lowercase letters
Artwork and Medium
If you want to add photos to your listing, please follow these specifications:
  1. File must be in .jpg format
  2. Approximately 5x7" at 300 dpi for print
  3. Must be in focus
  4. With solid or non-distracting background
  5. Min size 300KB, max size 5MB

These photos are also occasionally used for publicity and PR - please name each photo as follows:

Example: firstname.lastname.cathedralrock.oilpainting.jpg

Artwork Submission 1
Artwork Submission 2

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