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Annual Student Membership Fee

Annual Student Membership Fee

Being an SVAC Artist by paying your Annual Membership Fees entitles you to:

  • Participate in our annual Open Studios Tours and Exhibitions
  • Have 2 of your images on our website with your contact information
  • Notification of meetings, programs and other activities
  • Opportunity to serve on any of our active committees
  • Network with other members in our dynamic organization

$35.00 for 1 year

For Your Membership Listing

Studio Information

Social Marketing Information

Media Upload

If you want to add photos to your listing, please follow these specifications:

  1. File must be in .jpg format
  2. Approximately 5x7” at 300 dpi for print
  3. Must be in focus
  4. With solid or non-distracting background
  5. Min size 300KB, max size 5MB

These photos are also occasionally used for publicity and PR - please name each photo as follows:

Example: firstname.lastname.cathedralrock.oilpainting.jpg

Upload 1 or 2 photos below: 

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